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Five Ways to Improve Self Esteem

What Are Some Ways To Improve Self Esteem

In today competitive era many of us experience periods of low self-esteem in who we are or what we look like. It is only human to compare ourselves to others but some of us also wish things were different. Sometimes our confidence may be so low that we don’t feel there is hope out there, but there is!  Improving your own self-esteem is so important as it changes how you feel about yourself and life.
Today’s mini blog talks about five simple ways, which you can try either yourself or with a therapist. To improve your self-esteem and build back your self-esteem and confidence. 

Five Simple Ways To Improve Self-Esteem

Start With a Positive Morning

You could do this by starting your day with an affirmation for example, “I am excited for the person who I am becoming.”It is a good idea to make sure your affirmations stated in the present tense and that they are resonating with how you are feeling.  Otherwise, you may feel like you are telling yourself a lie. Which would be likely to jeopardize all the positive benefits of affirmations.

A few days later, you may like to increase your positive affirmations to 3 or 4 simple positive statements and practice them every morning.  You would be surprised how quickly they would become a part of your everyday self-talk and begin to give a rise to more positive thinking.

Doing meditation or activities that you enjoy can also start you off with a positive morning.

Cheer Yourself on

When you do something well or make a good decision, celebrate it. Give yourself the traditional pat on the back for doing a good job or spoil yourself with a favorite activity or a meal. And once you do this, pat yourself on the back again.  There is never enough self-support.

Take Care of  Yourself

Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something that makes you feel happy, this could be something like reading, writing, meditating, dancing.  Whatever it is, enjoy!  And schedule this into your daily routine. 

Talk To Someone

Talking to someone you trust or to a professional Therapist will support you in your quest to better self-esteem.  Talking to a therapist about self-esteem can seem quite scary at first but I can reassure you that they are there to offer support. And help you combat your problems without judging or becoming emotionally involved. Some of the therapists work with clients with Mental Health Care Treatment Plans. Some with privately paying clients or with NDIS participants.  Others can work across all these groups. 
Therapists are skilled in a wide range of therapeutic modalities. Which can be customized to suit your specific needs and situations. Examples include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Art Therapy, neurobiological and somatic approaches, and many other techniques.  When you open up to a therapist, you and your therapist would be able to decide which therapy would be better suited to your needs. And how to best customize it to your specific situation.  

Become a Master

If there is something you really enjoy doing, do it more!   When you do something, you love more it gives you a feeling of self-worth. And value the time you spend on the hobby or task e.g. baking, yoga, soccer. This decision is entirely up to you as you know yourself the best. And know what type of activities you enjoy doing.  You may like to take time to write down what you enjoy doing and then schedule this into your daily calendar, making sure you follow it up. The more you would do it the better you will become at it.


This blog was written by Krystal Boardman / Health to Lifestyle Coach; H-L Therapy


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