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We offer therapeutic support with stress, anxiety, anger management, emotional regulation, interpersonal skills and confidence building

Medicare and NDIS Therapists from H-L Therapy



Director & Principal Therapist at H-L Therapy

Hello, my name is Alicja.  I am the Director, Principal Therapist and Mental Health Clinician at the H-L Therapy. I have completed a Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Gerontology qualifications, both from the University of South Australia. I have also  completed a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Diploma of Hypno-Counselling  and Certificate of Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy. I am an accredited Mental Health Social Worker, member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, and Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

Being born and raised in Poland, I am fluent in both English and Polish, and I’m interested  in working as a therapist with clients from all cultural backgrounds. I especially welcome   the interaction and stories that people bring into the therapy sessions. I ensure that people whom I work with feel welcomed, included and comfortable in our sessions.I bring with me over 20 years of professional experience providing interdisciplinary, functional and mental health assessments and clinical services for teenagers, adults and older people with complex and specialised needs, in a range of multidisciplinary practice settings, such as mental health, disability, rehabilitation and aged care. 

Prior to establishing the H- L Therapy, I have supported people in mamy different interdisciplinary, clinical and managerial roles. This included the roles of Assessor with the Aged Care Assessment Team, Mental Health Clinician in both hospital and community mental health settings, Palliative Social Worker in the Modbury Hospital, Client Coordinator in the Brain Injury Unit, Social Work Clinician at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, as well as Allied Health Clinician, Case Manager, Restorative Clinician, Project Officer and Clinical Lead for Social Work in Domiciliary Care.

In my free moments I enjoy painting, bushwalking, listening to music and searching for short inspirational stores to assist the insight and learning in therapy sessions. Being an artist with a special interest in oil, acrylic and ink painting, I often use artistic exploration activities in therapy sessions.


  • Bachelor of Social Work / University of South Australia
  • Master of Gerontology / University of South Australia
  • Diploma of Hypno-Counselling / Institute of Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy / CBT Australia
  • Certificate of Rational – Emotive Therapy / CBT Australia
  • Certificate in Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy/ ICHP
  • Accredited Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (accr. MAASW)
  • Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (CMAHA)


Art Therapist & Psychotherapist at H-L-Therapy

Hello, my name is Keshav. I am a CECAT Certified Art Therapsit, Process -Oriented Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I am a PACFA certified practising practitioner with a  postgraduate degree in holistic counselling and psychotherapy from Metavision  Institute,  My training has given me a toolkit of experience to work with stress and   anxiety, grief and loss, body symptoms and dreams, trauma, addictions, conflict,   diversity, and relationships.

I use the process-oriented modality. Process work integrates Jungian psychology,   Taoism, systems theory and other spiritual traditions. I have a holistic approach to   mental and physical health, personalising my approach to each client’s needs. My work   incorporates talk therapy, art therapy, somatic therapy, meditation, breathwork, dream analysis, and nature-based therapy. From my personal experience, psychotherapy has helped me develop a new skill set to manage challenging situations.

I had a successful career as a teacher working with adolescents and young adults with various learning challenges. I am fluent in English, Hindi, and Tamil and have a strong understanding of south Asian culture due to my Indian ancestry and being a migrant.

My clients can request home visits or use a secure online Zoom meeting to connect with me from their home or workplace. My main goal is to make sure that my client is treated with respect, compassion, and celebration for who they are now so that they can get the assistance they need. I am committed to assisting and nurturing individuals in discovering their unique strengths and wisdom.


Integrative Therapist at H-L-Therapy

Hi there! My name is Emily and I am an Integrative Therapist at H-L Therapy. I have a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of South Australia and a graduate Certificate in Loss, Grief, and Trauma Counselling from Flinders University. I am an AASW Registered Social Worker.

I have previous experience working in government and non-government organisations with a broad range of client’s to achieve their goals and create meaningful change in their lives. This is an important career path to me because I have a strong desire to help people to navigate challenging life events so that they can lead healthier and happier lives.

I utilise a biopsychosocial recovery model within a Systems Theory framework, in addition to strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Behavioural Activation Therapy. I incorporate neurobiology principles in all of my work, and utilise Sensorimotor Psychotherapy tools to enhance the outcome for the client’s recovery.  I support the Health at Every Size philosophy and am a weight-neutral practitioner.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, being amongst nature, spending time with friends and family, and engaging in crafts. I like to be open to trying new things and gaining novel experiences.

This is a quote from a poet I enjoy:

“You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy. I have never met a heavy heart that wasn’t a phone booth with a red cape inside. Some people will never understand the kind of superpower it takes for some people to just walk outside.”


Psychotherapist at H-L-Therapy

Hello my name is Omar.  I am an experienced psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and trainer. I have provided over 6000 hours of individual therapy, group therapy and telephone counselling service, accrued in the United States, Australia, Online and Pakistan over ten years.

My career in counselling began with the reception of a Fulbright Scholarship in 2010. I completed my graduate studies in Mental Health Counselling from New York University. Since then, I have trained at some of the best institutes for counselling and psychotherapy in the U.S, UK, Europe, Australia, UAE and Pakistan. I am a clinical member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and I’m a CPCAB, UK Certified Supervisor.

I try to bring to every session an authentic relating, empathic understanding and a calming presence. I use an integrative approach to counselling which is a rich amalgam of modalities such as Person Centered, CBT, Psychodynamic, Motivational Interviewing, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Somatic approaches, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Existential etc. I am also fluent in Hindi/Urdu and deeply understand south Asian culture due to my own heritage from Pakistan.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes that guides my work: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is coping with the problem. All change ventures into the unknown and needs to be done with acceptance and love”



Psychotherapist at H-L-Therapy

Hello, my name is Ziqi (Sky). I am an Integrative Therapist (Counsellor / Psychotherapist) at H-L Therapy. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Social Work at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. I also have a master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Adelaide. I am a registered practitioner with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).      I am also a registered Social Worker of the New Zealand Social Workers Registration Board (NZSWRB).My previous work experience equipped me with authentic, professional rapport building and a wide range of therapeutic skills to assist people in building their confidence, improving their interpersonal skills, and better regulating their emotions I am fluent in English and Mandarin and have worked with clients of different ages and cultural groups in New Zealand and Australia. throughout my previous work experience. I work in partnership with clients assisting them to resolve their issues and challenges using appropriate therapeutic modalities. 


I understand that no single therapy/approach is suitable for everyone. Therefore, I utilise and incorporate various therapeutic modalities and techniques in my sessions to promote the clients’ overall well-being and help them achieve their personal goals. Examples of modalities often used in my professional practice include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

In my free time I enjoy watching and playing Football.

I am looking forward to working with y



Health to Lifestyle Coach at H-L-Therapy

Hello, my name is Krystal, a Health to Lifestyle Coach at H-L Therapy. I am a qualified community service worker with a certification in community service and mental health. I have also a mental health first aid and mental health awareness, suicide certificate.

I choose to work in this field because I have a passion for helping others reach their   potential. I have had a successful career as a support worker with people age 17-53  years. In my role as a support worker I worked with clients that had mental health issues and mild intellectual disabilities. I am fluent in English, born in Adelaide. My dream career is to become a counsellor.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, listening to music and going for walks. I often use nature walks as a good way to relax and focus on what is around. while working with clients.

I believe that having a positive outlook in life is a great way to success and that life is a huge learning curve.


Health to Lifestyle Worker at H-L-Therapy

Hello, my name is Llara, a Health to Lifestyle Worker at H-L Therapy.  I am working in   an administrative role at H-L Therapy but, at times, I also provide support to   therapists, coaches and clients in individual skills activities and group work.

I have worked in the area of community services for many years and have enjoyed   working in a variety of roles, including counsellor, case manager and support worker. I   have a strong interest in supporting people to recognise their own strengths and to   develop strategies and tools to assist them to adapt to life’s challenges and move   towards their goals. I have worked primarily with adults with mental health issues and   intellectual disabilities, as well as young people aged 12 – 18 years.

I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Social Work and have previously completed a Graduate Diploma in Grief and Palliative Care Counselling. I have experience in delivering a range of CBT strategies and providing counselling support for people experiencing grief and loss issues. In the future I hope to develop my skills in other therapeutic modalities, such as DBT, ACT and mindfulness based therapy.

In my free time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, walking and trying out new creative pursuits (such as learning to sing, play guitar and drawing).


Our team of therapists, mental health clinicians and health to wellbeing coaches uphold H-L-Therapy mission to support people in being happy, confident and positive, to build capacities and improve health and independence. We do this by fostering a model of therapeutic service delivery that focuses on delivering innovative, customised and flexible programs to support people in achieving what is important to them.

We have a vision of compassionate, responsive, convenient, client centered model of therapeutic service delivery where we place you at the heart of all that we do.


  • We provide high quality, responsive, therapeutic programs to benefit people we work with (see home page for more details
  • We compassionately listen to your concerns and support you in resolving them
  • We will stand by you and work in partnership with you to ‘make a real difference


  • 5 days a week reception service is available to assist you in reaching the therapists even at the times when they are away from the office, providing therapy.
  • All phone messages, texts and emails are promptly replied to.
  • The appointments can be cancelled and rescheduled by leaving a phone message or texting our mobile number.
  • We listen to what you tell us and develop flexible, responsive customized programs to support you


  • We are flexible and will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. We are willing to work out the most convenient appointment time that suits you.
  • Our therapists and mental health clinicians provide online therapy and home visits. Our Health to Wellbeing Coaches work with the participants in their local environemnts, assisting skill building and linking people to their local community outlets and support services. Our travel is offered free of cost within the radiant distance of 15 kilometers of Holden Hill area.

Follow Your Dreams

& we will be here to support you. 

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