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Learning Reflections: My learning Experience In The First 2 Weeks With H-L Therapy

Work Placement With H-L Therapy

As I started my work placement with H-L Therapy, it came as a great learning experience. Amongst the professional Therapists and clients of various backgrounds with one or the other form of psychosocial disability. Although this field is quite new in my career graph, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team and working towards helping the most vulnerable members of the community to achieve independence and improved wellbeing.

In two weeks of my work placement, I learned that I can offer support to people at their most vulnerable and that listening can make a real difference. I have learned more about support systems offered by NDIS. And how can they assist vulnerable people with disability to feel empowered, supporting them in moving forward.

Work Placement Learning Process

I also learned that real experience is so different from learning in a classroom situation.  I have learned that I constantly need to adapt my approach to different clients. Self-reflection on my own attitude and experience plays a vital role in understanding clients’ needs and their road to recovery. We may not be able to support the clients to fully recover from a psychosocial disability. But we are able to gradually assist them to make a positive change in their life, I can leave the appointments, feeling happy and privileged to have been a part of that process.

During this learning process, a top priority for me is to gather as much information as possible. Whether it is about a mental health condition or working with a team of therapists. Who practice, using a wide variety of psychotherapeutic modalities and focused psychological strategies.  I believe the more information I gather the more prepared I will be in practice.

During these times of work placement, I realized how important it is to be creative in whatever way, for instance, music, painting, ceramics, coloring- these activities can really improve people’s wellbeing. Participants whom I have met in my placement have found ways to express themselves through creativity.

Mental Health Difficulties

Mental health difficulties can affect anybody. Clients that I met during my placement were in various age groups and affected by various emotional challenges and psychosocial disabilities; mental health does not discriminate.

Once I understood how varied mental health issues can be and how they affect the individual experience, it became easier to understand behaviors. Working briefly with clients with various personality disorders has helped me understand symptoms and triggers. Whilst referring to the theoretical principles that I learned in my course.

It definitely gave me an important insight to better understand mental illness and an opportunity to explore the principles and modalities compatible with certain disabilities.

Professional Therapist’s Principles And Modalities

In addition to the above fundamentals, I learned how professional Therapists use the principles and modalities such as CBT (cognitive Behaviour Therapy). Mindfulness, guided visualization, storytelling, meditation, and music in the process of helping vulnerable clients. The therapist that I observed in my placement, has prioritized bringing positivity to individuals. And techniques to make clients feel empowered and independent to live an autonomous and comfortable life.

In conclusion, I feel that I still have a lot to learn about mental health issues and disabilities.  Saying this, I would like to take every opportunity that comes my way. Every chance I have been given by H-L Therapy to do something out of my comfort zone. Having my placement experience as a part of mental health service and meeting new people with psychosocial, intellectual, and developmental disabilities has been a learning experience. Not just for my future career in the mental health area but for my life as a whole.

Blog Article By: Srijana / Student, Certificate IV Mental Health.

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