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psychosocial therapy and counselling in Adelaide South Australia

The participant engaging in the H-L Psychosocial Therapy program. The photo was taken with full consent from the participant.

NDIS Psychosocial Therapy in metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia

We provide psychosocial therapy & mental health services for NDIS participants by H-L Therapy 

Please notice that we are following Coronavirus  precautions at all the time and that our services may very over the time.  They may be provided face to face, online or may be suspended within a short notice in response to Covid19 situation.

H -L Therapy psychosocial therapy programs operate from our Modbury office in South Australia but we also offer our NDIS services in the clients’ homes or online, supporting participants in the comfort of their own home.  We are able to assist people with stress and anxiety management, confidence building, skill development and management of chronic health conditions.  We also assist with behavioural concerns and habits, such as smoking, nail biting or skin picking.

Our psychosocial therapy and mental health counselling services for NDIS participants offer training for confidence building and the development of effective interpersonal strategies in a variety of contexts and situations, including, further education and learning, employment, interpersonal relations and social participation.

We are responsive and will answer all inquires. As an NDIS participant you can access all services described on H-L Therapy website, providing your situation fits service specific eligibility criteria and matches the NDIS categories in your service plan. In addiiton to psychosocial therapy and mental health counselling, H-L Therapy services available to NDIS participants also include:

  • Therapeutic skill development programs
  • Social skill programs with artistic explorations
  • Duided visualisation, mindfulness and relaxation therapy
  • Services informed by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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1. Individual Programs:  Psychosocial Specialised counseling and therapy

Specialised individual counselling and therapy including Relaxation Therapy Guidend Visualisation and / or Clinical Hypnotherapy, targeting

  1. Confidence building & management of anxiety
  2. Chronic health conditions management
  3. Undesirable Behaviours and Habits such as interrupted sleep patterns, emotional outbursts, rumination, smoking, selective eating habits, nail biting, skin picking, and so forth

These specialised programs are available to eligible NDIS participants. Length of program varies subject to situations, with a minimum of 12 sessions of 1-hour duration. For more information please also refer to the service section Mindfulness and Relaxation Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us

NDIS CAPACITY BUILDING CATEGORY: Improved Daily Living / Individual assessment, therapy and / or training.

  • Individual Art of Friendship Program: counselling and therapy
  • Individual Stress, Anxiety and Wellbeing Program

Both programs are very similar to their equivalent group programs (see information below), but individual programs have a greater scope to be more individualised to suit unique needs of participants. Each program is provided over 12 one-hour sessions. Please refer to group program information below for further details.

NDIS CAPACITY BASED CATEGORY: Improved daily living / Individual assessment, therapy and training.


“Joy to Employ” is an employment and study coaching program offered from time to time at Modbury in South Australia.  This program consists of therapy and counselling for people who: 

  1.  are in the process of preparing for employment (for example, about to commence employment or engaging in job seeking activities, such as job interviews and workplace visits) or
  2. have recently commenced work and would like some assistance with settlement in employment are in employment but struggling with retaining their employment due to interpersonal and / or emotional difficulties

This program is informed by integrated, evidence-based strategies, such as distress tolerance, emotional regulation, mindfulness, guided visualisation and a wide range of cognitive behaviour techniques

Joy to Employ Program supports participants to: 

  • Remove barriers to employment by addressing interpersonal and psychological challenges
  • Develop a positive belief in the capacity to engage in voluntary or paid employment
  • Consolidate personal strengths, abilities and interests to assist employment goals
  • Build confidence and resilience to assist success in workplace situations
  • Learn and apply mindfulness, self soothing an emotional regulation strategy to manage anxiety, negative ruminations and emotional outbursts likely to affect work performance
  • Develop assertiveness and interpersonal skills for effective work communication
  • Better manage chronic pain, habits unhelpful behaviours and other barriers to employment.

H-L Therapy room

NDIS Psychosocial Therapy Adelaide

2. Small group programs

From time to time we are running innovative, specialized group programs for people with disabilities.  Please note that all H-L Therapy group programs are need-based and subject to a minimum number of participants. They may vary over time and may be suspended within short notice in response to the Covid19 situation.

The TAM Group:  Therapy and Movement for Self Improvement

This is a small group therapy program is designed for people with disabilities and/or mental illness.  The aim of this group program is to support people in regulating their emotional wellbeing, building social connections and developing friendships.  We are currently taking enrolment details for people interested in joining us in this program. For more information, please read out TAM page

The Art of Friendship Program:

a) For young adults with high functional Autism. (Program A)

b) For young adults with mild intellectual disabilities (Program B)

Informed by the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, this program facilitates personal growth and development of interpersonal skills and resources for social and emotional wellbeing. Minimum number of participants is 3 and maximum 6. The group runs for 1.5 hour for 12 sessions. If you would like to receive more information, please email us.


Online Stress, Anxiety & Wellbeing Program for NDIS participants.

This is a capacity-building program, that facilitates growth, personal acceptance, and development of personal resources for the management of emotional wellbeing. The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum is 6. The group runs for 1.5 hours for 12 sessions (in school terms). If you would like to receive more information, please email us

CAPACITY BASED CATEGORY: Improved daily living

mental health counselling

Participants enrolled in individual and group programs who may require personal assistance with toileting or mobility during the clinic-based H-L Therapy session, are encouraged to attend with their support person.

Unless specified otherwise, the participants enrolling in H-L Therapy programs need to be able to focus on tasks and follow simple instructions.

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