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Therapeutic Skill Development

Therapeutic Skill Development

Therapeutic Skill Development
The picture shows a group of young men sitting and taking around the camp fire. Therapeutic skill development.

H-L Therapy offers a wide range of skill development programs in South Australia as well as online for the rural and remote population.  Our services are provided both on a one-to-one basis and in group settings.  The term ‘Skill development’ refers to a purposeful, systematic process in which individuals, families, and groups evolve and refine their personal strengths, skills, and attributes in order to achieve their potential.  The process of skill development is therefore person-centered and goal orientated and directly driven by client-specific needs and aspirations.

Skill development programs can be useful in addressing a wide range of challenges in many different many aspects of life. Including self-care, interpersonal relationships, interests, school activities, hobbies, employment, and general wellbeing.

The process of skill development at H-L Therapy involves 8 major steps:

1. Person-Centered Discussion

This refers to a discussion in which the H-L Therapy staff engages with the clients to identify what matters most and what needs to be addressed during counseling and therapy.

2. Goal Setting

In the goal-setting phase, the therapist works with the clients to identify their therapeutic goals using Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS). Goal Attainment Scaling is an evidence-based method of scoring and reviewing goal achievements. GAS is widely recommended for use in rehabilitation and disability practice settings. This scaling method allows clients to easily monitor their progress and achievements. At the same time, GAS can also be used to provide standardized outcome measures that can be analyzed in a statistical way.

3. Mapping Individual Strengths, Abilities, And Skills

This step involves working with clients to identify their unique strengths, skills, and resources, along with the ways, in which these attributes can assist individual goal achievement.

4. Mapping For Skill Development

This step involves working with clients to map the areas for further skill development and designing a learning environment, in which skills could be practiced and rehearsed.

5. Mapping The Supports

In this stage, the therapist works with clients to identify their informal supports likely to assist in clients’ efforts to develop relevant skills and ultimately achieve their goals. The informal support may include such people as partners, family members, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, work colleagues, peers, and so forth. Clients are encouraged to talk about their goals with their informal networks and to seek their support during the skill development processes.

6. Developing And Implementing Skills Development Programs 

Once goal setting and mapping are completed, the therapist works in partnership with the client to create a unique, person-centered skill development program. That takes into account clients’ specific priorities, goals, and aspirations. The skill development programs can be provided on either one to one basis or in a group, subject to clients’ preference.

7. Ongoing Reviews 

The reviews can be defined as periodical monitoring of the GAS progress and client feedback throughout the duration of the program. This, in turn, allows for a continuous improvement in the outcomes and quality of the program.

8. Evaluation and Report Writing 

Refers to the stage when the success of the program is evaluated in terms of achieving the clients’ goals and in terms of client satisfaction. This usually happens towards the end of the agreed term, just prior to the completion of the Program. If required, the client’s progress and achievement can be summarised in a formal report for the client and other recipients, as nominated by the client.

9. Termination of the Skill Development Program 

Once the clients’ goals have been achieved and/or the term of the H-L Therapy Program has come to the end, the Program will be finalized.

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H-L Therapy Provides Specialised Skill Development Programs in English And Polish To Assist With a Wide Range of Issues. We Can Assist With:

Confidence And Capacity Building

The term capacity building refers to the “process of developing and strengthening our resources and skills to support our adaptation and success in everyday life. The capacity-building goes hand in hand with confidence building as both are interrelated.  In order to develop capacity, one requires self-confidence, a belief in one’s ability to learn and successfully apply skills to achieve personal goals. Self-confidence is really the key to individual success. The good news is that self-confidence can be learned. H-L Therapy can direct and support you in mastering self-confidence and a positive outlook in life.

Reducing Stress And Anxiety

In our busy, fast-paced, competitive society, many people experience high levels of stress. At times we can be so overwhelmed by stress that our reaction threshold becomes lower. And we find ourselves in a frequent state of fight or flight mode. If left to its own device, our over-vigilant self-protection mechanism, with reoccurring fight or flight responses is likely to result in anxiety disorders. H-L Therapy offers specialized therapy for stress and anxiety management. We can teach you a wide range of evidence-based cognitive behaviour strategies, relaxation skills, and mindfulness techniques to assist you in effectively managing stress and anxiety.

Management of Chronic Health Conditions

The term chronic health conditions refer to chronic medical conditions that have been or are likely to be present for over six months. Examples include Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anxiety Disorders, Major Depression, Arthritis, Diabetes, and so forth. The management of chronic health conditions can be complicated by coexistent chronic pain and also other health conditions. Hence necessitating the involvement of different specialists. H-L Therapy works alongside medical and allied health professionals to support people in managing your health and wellbeing. We can teach you a wide range of evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral strategies. To assist you in the management of chronic pain, fatigue, tension, anxiety, and other symptoms of chronic health conditions.

Therapeutic Skill Development
Therapeutic skill development through games. The pictures shows three young women clapping each other hands in a social game
Skill development - gardening.. The pictures shows a young women looking at pink and white wild rose bush

Developing Friendships And Social Interaction Skills

Well developed interpersonal skills are crucial for effective relationships with other people. They are required in all contexts, whether it is family discussions, intimate relationships, or friendships. H-L Therapy can assist you to fine-tune your interpersonal skills via modeling, coaching, and practicing specific skills that require improvement. Examples of skills we can assist with include: active listening, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, assertiveness, use of manners in communication, personal presentation skills, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Preparation For Employment And Further Education

H- L Therapy services in this area are currently limited to NDIS participants only and relate mostly to the development and practice of presentation skills, organisational skills, manners in the workplace, self-confidence and resilience. Please refer to the ‘NDIS Services’ section for further information.

Breaking Smoking And Overeating Habits 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics identifies smoking and obesity as two significant health risk factors in Australia. Tobacco smoking is one of the largest preventable causes of death and illness. At H-L Therapy we offer specialised therapy to assist you in addressing both habits (smoking and overeating). We are also teaching clients powerful cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and stress management strategies to assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Developing Skills to Deal With Other Undesirable Behaviours And Habits 

Apart from smoking and overeating, H-L Therapy can also assist with other challenging behaviors. Such as nail-biting, skin picking, bed wetting, hair pulling, and so forth.

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