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Reaching Out For Your Dreams

Personal dreams, goals and aspirations are part of everyday human experience as is our desire for well-being and success. Why is it though that sometimes it is easy to fulfil our dreams and aspirations but at other times no matter how hard we try, nothing seems to be shifting for the better?

Most people possess natural abilities to self-direct their personal attributes, thoughts and behaviours in a way that supports their daily performance and wellbeing. Sometimes, however, our natural self-regulating abilities may be inhibited by negative automatic thoughts and self-preservation responses, blocking us from achieving our goals.

When that happens, we may be concerned about the way we react. Perhaps thinking we are going ‘crazy’ whilst in fact it is often our automatic self -preservation mechanism that is creating problems for us, working overtime to protect us.

Our automatic undesirable thoughts and reactions often stem from powerful emotional experiences in situations of past crisis, life transitions or trauma. When we learnt to perceive our negative emotions and situations at that time as signs of danger. When this happens, our reactions to self-perceived danger replay themselves automatically over and over again.

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Deeply entrenched, automatic self-preservation  patterns are likely to continue, getting stuck, like a broken record, unless addressed directly at the automatic level at which they operate.

How can we then reach for our dreams? How can we achieve our aspirations? At times all that may required to get back on track is just a little bit of support to regulate our vigilant self-defense system. And replace our unhelpful automatic reactions with ones that are more conducive to our wellbeing.

And this is where H-L Therapy can assist. H-L Therapy provides a therapy that includes specialist counseling and clinical hypnotherapy. H-L Therapy services support people to address and overcome a wide range of challenges and improve their wellbeing.

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Psychological Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy are also effective methods of addressing a wide variety of health conditions. Including anxiety disorders, chronic health conditions, and chronic pain.

H-L Therapy services, however, cannot replace medical treatment and advice. If you are suffering from serious health complaints and are in need of medical treatment. Please consult with your doctor in the first instance. A referral from your doctor may also required. If you interested in clinical hypnotherapy to assist health problems, such as chronic pain or chronic health conditions.

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