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H-L therapists are experienced and trained  in conducting a range of interdisciplinary assessments, using up to date, evidence based assessment instruments.  H-L Therapy assessments may be useful to support the allied health reports for General Practitioners and community services.  Assessments are also often required to support the NDIS specific reports, for example:


  • support NDIS Plan Reviews, for example when there is a need to provide evidence about the complexity of a situation and the need for additional services
  • provide information about functional difficulties related to disability, as required to become approved for NDIS services.


The range of assessments provided by H-L Therapy include:


General functional assessments that identify functional needs in a wide range of paraprofessional and professional areas, such as showering, dressing, feeding, foot care, skin care, oral care, medication management, continence, toileting, mobility, transfers, food intake, nutrition, swallowing, communication, social skills, interests, memory, affect, cognition, washing, shopping, transport, communication, social skills general emotional wellbeing, mental health, etc).


Bio-psychosocial assessments (biological, psychological and sociocultural factors, personal strengths and barriers to therapy. Some factors assessed may include: medical and psychiatric history, diagnosis, substance use, type and effect of medication, ability to self administer medication, mental health assessment / observations, personal history, family history, social connectivity in the community, individual goals and steps to progress with the goals. The bio-psychosocial assessments often include visual representation of family and systemic networks in the form of genograms and ecograms


Mental Health Assessments can be similar to biopsychosocial assessments but contain more detailed information describing the results of mental health examination, and descriptions how the mental health status is affecting the person’s every day function in such domains as personal care, activities of daily living, general social interactions with others and within the community. Mental health assessments also highlight the risk to the person’s wellbeing and that of other people, and recommendations how to best mitigate these risks.


The person does not require to be a long term H-L Therapy customer to book a specialised H-L Therapy assessment.


Our specialised functional, biopsychosocial and mental health assessments and reports are provided upon request.  They are in addition to the two standard reports required within the duration of each NDIS plan.


The two standard reports that are usually completed by the H-L therapist during each NDIS Plan period summarise the person’s unique situation, his or her strengths, barriers, risks and goals.  They include:


Therapy plan reports which are written within the first three weeks of the NDIS therapy program.  This type of report summarises the issues and therapy modalities,  goals, steps and processes to measure goal progress


Therapy Review Reports. These reports are being written in support of the NDIS plan reviews.  They discuss the progress with goal achievement and recommendations for therapy needs to inform future NDIS funding.

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