The TAM Group Therapy Program

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We are currently taking bookings for our TAM Group Therapy Program at Modbury South Australia,  which has been especially designed for people with disabilities and mental health conditions who experience anxiety or depression.



Nothing makes a human feel more alone than being socially isolated while surrounded by others. For many people living with mental illness and disabilities, their daily challenges  lead to emotional ups and downs that can undermine their efforts to build and maintain relationships.  Struggling with daily anxiety, depression and chronic lack of confidence many people isolate themselves and give up on their goals, dreams and inspirations.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


The TAM Group Program, Therapy and Movement for Self Improvement, is one of the most important offerings we have ever developed because it helps people who face anxiety, depression and mental health challenges to develop greater confidence, skills, and strategies to constructively manage the fluctuations of their emotions, enabling them to improve their ability to connect with other people.


And this rewarding and enjoyable process all takes place within the supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere of a therapeutic group.


What happens in the TAM Program?


In the TAM or Therapy and Movement for Self Improvement Program at Modbury, South Australia, group participants practise a wide range of contemporary CBT, relaxation, guided visualisation and mindfulness strategies to facilitate their interpersonal and emotional growth.  These strategies assist them in addressing anxiety, depression and mental health challenges and learn how to regulate their thoughts and emotions in a way that is more beneficial to their emotional wellbeing.


Learning in sessions is facilitated by:


  • mutual support and teamwork
  • sharing and exploring real life experiences
  • role playing and practical rehearsals
  • modelling and positive reinforcement
  • group coaching
  • group games and activities
  • use of audio – pictorial tools
  • engaging in a constructive feedback and self-evaluation
  • engaging in artistic exploration activities such as painting, drawing, colouring, storytelling, creative writing, acting, listening to music, singing and creating sounds using simple musical instruments

Expected outcomes of TAM: Therapy and Movement for Self Improvement 


In our clinic at Modbury South Australia, all TAM Program participants are supported to develop their personal resources in:


  • stress management
  • confidence building
  • emotional regulations
  • healthy lifestyle planning
  • building social connections and friendships
  • using simple strategies to support effective communication, community participation, emotional wellbeing and independence



TAM Program:  Summary


The TAM Programs begins with a 1-hour preliminary session, which is usually conducted at our clinic in Modbury, South Australia or the candidates’ home if located within the Adelaide metropolitan area.  During the preliminary session  the group program is explained, individual situations are discussed, therapy goals are identified and recorded together with the participant.


A therapy support plan report is completed and includes information on identified therapy goals, how they will be achieved and measured.


Then the 2-hour group sessions begin and include:


  • Session 1 Planning for Healthy Lifestyle
  • Session 2 Confidence Building
  • Session 3 Planning for Social and Community Connections
  • Session 4 Effective Communication
  • Session 5 Dealing with Powerful Emotions
  • Session 6 Taking Control of Personal Happiness and Wellbeing.


The individual progress is assessed in the third and sixth session with final outcome report completed at the end of the TAM program.

Where, when, and how you can take part in the TAM Program with H-L Therapy


In summary, each group consists of 1 individual and 6 group sessions, held over 14 weeks on a fortnightly basis.  For NDIS participants 2 reports are completed:


  1. The Therapy Support Report completed at the beginning of the Program, and outlining specific therapy goals and expected outcomes
  2. The Therapy Progress Report completed after the program is finalised and reporting on the progress with the individual therapy goals and recommendations for future therapy support.



The TAM Program is provided on Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm at Modbury South Australia:


H-L Therapy
Level 1, 3/247 Milne Road

Individual intake appointments are commencing soon at various times, as negotiated with participants.


The costs can be claimed from the NDIS plans (NDIS Category Group of Improved Daily Living / Therapeutic supports). The fees are consistent with the group therapy rates, as per NDIS Price Guide. Alternative payment options can also be negotiated.





To join this program, please contact reception directly on: (08) 7122 3232.


You can also  book our initial, complimentary therapy discovery session to discuss this and other programs in a more detail.  This link will assist you to RESERVE YOUR BOOKING


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