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Our resource page offers a number of simple, evidence based mental health support tools to assist people in overcoming emotional distress and better managing their mental health. 

1. Cognitive, behavioural, mindfulness and guided visualisation strategies

The resources which people we work with find most beneficial include a combination of cognitive and behavioural techniques, mindfulness and guided visualisation techniques.In particular, the following strategies are reported to make a great difference in improving emotional wellbeing: 

  • Opening the curtains and windows as the first thing in the morning
  • Going out for a brisk walk after getting up
  • Engaging in a fun activity everyday
  • Journaling to improve self-awareness
  • Analysing own way of thinking and how it relates to feelings and bahaviours
  • Recognising that our thoughts are not often reflective of reality - becoming aware of our thinking bias
  • Reconnecting to own values and ‘living by them’
  • Self-validating and pactising positive self-talk on regular basis
  • Re-connecting to interests and social activities
  • Practising mindfulness and visualisation. Please click below to access our recording with free guided visualisation for stress relief. This guided visualisation uses a peaceful, seaside imaginary to assist relaxation.

2. Mindfulness activities

People we work often report positive benefits of three mindfulness exercises that supports them to better regulate their negative emotions:

Body scan
Scan your body from top to bottom and notice areas of tension and discomfort.  Do it without judgements, if any judgements arise, gently dismiss them…Make sure that you take a deep breath into each area of discomfort. The purpose of it is not to change anything about how you feel but to become aware of any sensations.  If any change occurs, notice it and also notice also any areas of your body that feel comfortable and relaxed, breathe into these areas and fully experience these sensations.

Connect with a sound
Put on music; listen to the soothing sounds of waves, nature, or tune into any other naturally occurring sounds around you (the hum of electronic appliances, the sound of traffic, birds outside the window). Close your eyes and tune in to any sound you chose. Focus fully on the sound and when you mind wanders acknowledge it and return your attention to the sound again.  

Mindful walking
Go for a walk outside or around your room. Notice what you feel when you are walking, the sensation of your feet when they touch the ground. Also notice how your legs and body feel when you walk.  Focus on these sensations completely.  If any thoughts, emotions or other distractions occur just acknowledge them, without judging and return your focus on the sensations of walking.  Be mindful of every step as this is very important for training your focus.


3. In between sessions professional support

If you feel emotionally unwell in between the therapy sessions or after hours, please seek medical attention. 
There are also a number of support services that may be able to assist you.  One of them is Sonder

  • Sonder’s Mental Health Services are located at 2 Peachey Road, Edinburgh North (South Australia). Sonder offers free walk-inafterhours counselling services between the hours of 5pm to9pm. No appointment is necessary.
  • There is also a Suicide Prevention Program at Sonder and clients who are contemplating self-harming are being contacted as a priority. Please phone Sonder on (08) 8209 0700 to organise a prompt appointment.

Belowis a list of other emergency services that can be reached over the phone when feeling unwell. They include

Lifeline Australia:  13 11 14
Confidential Helpline:  1800 737 732
Crisis Care (after hours):  (08) 9223 1111
Mental Health Triage: 1300 363 788
Suicide Line:  1300 659 467 or online
Relationship Australia:  1300 364 277
Beyond Blue:   1300 224 636
Kids Helpline:  1800 551 800
Mensline:  1300 78 99 78
Emergency:  000

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