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Our Services

H-L Therapy provides a wide range of person centred services, including: specialised counselling, therapeutic skill development, mindfulness and relaxation therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and artistic exploration.  We also provide specialised services for NDIS participants that include specifically tailored capacity building programs.

NDIS Services

H-L Therapy is a Registered NDIS Provider (NDIS Number 4050008908) servicing both, adults and adolescents over 16 years of age residing in Adelaide metropolitan area. We also support people with disabilities in rural areas of South Australia via online services.

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Specialised Counselling and Therapy

The term ‘Counselling refers to the purposeful application of a professional knowledge and expertise to guide

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Therapeutic Skill Development

H-L Therapy offers a wide range of skill development programs that can be provided both on one on one or in groups.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a client centred, evidence based, professional service provided by an experienced allied health clinician

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Mindfulness & Relaxation Therapy

In our busy, fast paced, competitive society we are exposed to a wide range of demands and expectations. Relaxarion and Mindfulness can assist us to take a break from the busy routines and learn the ways to refocus our thoughts

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Artistic Explorations

H-L Therapy embraces a creativity as an important part of our service. We believe that every person has at least a little bit of creative streak qualities them just waiting to be discovered

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Natural, services informed by Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for people with ADS, ADHD and mental health conditions.

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commitment to a high quality

Apart from our commitment to a high quality ethical service provision our strong points include:

  • prompt response to all inquiries
  • wide range of individual and group programs
  • specialised programs for NDIS participants
  • specialised strategies for addressing habits and unhelpful behaviour
  • effective stress and anxiety management programs
  • outcome based skill development programs
  • chronic health conditions management
  • high flexibility in service delivery
  • home visits available for eligible clients
  • online service delivery
  • complimentary Therapy Discovery Sessions
  • We will support you to make a positive difference in your life

Follow Your Dreams

We are here to support you


Why choose us

We provide a wide range of specialised professional and support services for both NDIS participants and mainstream clients in English and Polish.


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  • Specialised counselling and therapy in Hypno-Link clinic, in your home or online in both English and Polish by a fully qualified, experienced Therapist
  • Treatment and therapy plans individualised to each person’s needs
  • Flexible, creative and respectful approach to best address your situation
  • Working in partnership with you and your support person/s.
  • Taking time to listen to you and spend time to develop a complete understanding of your situation
  • Support to improve your skills, restore your wellbeing and get the lifestyle that you desire
  • Honest approach to communicating. If we don’t know something we will tell you and advise how we can best address this gap.
  • Offering interventions that have a good solid basis and are evidence based
  • Regularly evaluated services to ensure that you are happy and achieving your goals
  • Online counselling and therapy for rural and remote clients and people who simply prefer online services
  • Services especially designed to support your needs
  • After hour appointments by negotiation
  • Supporting you to better understand the NDIS procedures and to prepare for NDIS planning sessions and reviews
  • Linking you to other community services, so you are well connected and supported
  • 25 years of  professional experience, supporting individuals, families and carers
  • We are here to support you.

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(POLISH VERSION OF INSPIRATIONA: QUOTES AND POEMS FOR CONTEMPLATION) Człowiek, który jako fizyczna istota, kieruje swoją uwagę na zewnątrz, myśląc, że szczęście przychodzi z zewnątrz, spogląda w końcu wewnątrz siebie i dostrzega, że źródło szczęścia znajduje się w nim samym (Soren Kierkegaard) Bacz na twoje myśli, albowiem te staną się słowami, Bacz na własne słowa,

Inspirational Quotes & Poems For Contemplation
Inspirational Quotes & Poems For Contemplation

‘A man who as a physical being is always turned toward the outside, thinking that his happiness lies outside him, finally turns inward and discovers that the source is within him’ (Soren Kierkegaard) ‘Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought’ (Blaise Pascal) ‘Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts’ (Soren Kierkegaard)

Green Python: Living Life Free From Chronic Pain
Green Python: Living Life Free From Chronic Pain

People who experience chronic pain know that it is very real. They experience it in their body, it affects their actions, emotions and everyday function. It impacts on every aspect of their life. In the past there was a general belief that the pain is an indication of something wrong with our body and therefore,

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