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NDIS & Medicare Therapy & Counselling Services

H-L Therapy offers therapy & counselling services for NDIS, Medicare and privately paying clients. Our focused psychological support services are provided face to face and online.  They are informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and other psychological approaches. 

Our programs for NIDIS participants and privately paying clients are neurodiversity affirming and encompass a range of postural and somatic techniques, artistic exploration, meditation, guided visualisation techniques and therapeutic story telling.  Some of our therapists are also trained in clinical hypnotherapy and can offer this service in conjunction with counselling support.  

Easy to to follow H-L Therapy programs are provided by experienced South Australian therapists. Above all we ensure:

  • Ethical and high quality therapy ad counselling programs
  • Prompt response to all inquiries
  • Convenience of being able to communicate with us via text and email
  • 5 days a week 9am -5pm designated reception service, so you can reach us even if we are away from office, visiting the clients
  • Specialised programs for NDIS participants
  • Individual and group services
  • Specialised strategies for addressing habits and unhelpful behaviour
  • Effective stress and anxiety management programs
  • Outcome based skill development programs
  • Chronic health conditions management
  • High flexibility in service delivery, making it easier and more convenient for people we work with
  • Home visits for eligible NDIS participants with no transport cost for people living within 15 km of Modbury
  • Online service delivery which is most important in situations when for various reasons we are unable to leave our house
  • In adddition to this, we also offer Complimentary Therapy Discovery Sessions, so that you can meet us, before deciding if this type of service is for you.
Therapy & Counselling Services

Our Services

We have a vision of compassionate, responsive, convenient, client centered model of therapeutic service delivery where we place you at the heart of all that we do.

Specialised Therapy & Counselling

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NDIS Psychosocial Therapy

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Artistic Exploration & Art Therapy

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Clincial Hypnotherapy

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Why choose us?

We provide a wide range of NDIS and Medicare therapy and counselling services for both NDIS participants and mainstream clients in English and various community languages. For example, this includes:

  • Client centred online therapy and counselling services in H-L clinic, in your home or online in English and other community languages by fully qualified, experienced Therapists
  • High quality, comprehensive review reports so you are supported during the time of your NDIS Plan Reviews
  • Specialised Holistic Functional Capacity Assessments for people with psychosocial disabilities, 'people with other' disability type or NDIS participants with significant emotional regulation / community participation challenges or psychosocial, environmental and / or systemic complexities. Examples include abandonment, abuse, domestic violence, traumatic experiences, prejudice and / or discrimination. In line with NDIS recommendations, our holistic functional capacity assessments are conducted by experienced social work practitioners with expertise in the area of clinical assessments and training in a variety of evidence based functional capacity assessment instruments.
  • Treatment and therapy plans individualised to each person’s needs
  • Flexible, creative and respectful approach to best address your situation
  • Working in partnership with you and your support person/s.

H-L Therapy Team

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Innovative Model of Therapeutic Service Delivery

Our team of therapists, mental health clinicians and health to wellbeing coaches uphold H-L-Therapy mission to support people in being happy, confident and positive, to build capacities and most importantly to improve health, lifestyle and independence. We do this by fostering a model of therapeutic service delivery that focuses on delivering innovative, customised and flexible programs to support people in achieving what is important to them.

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