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Specialised Counselling and Therapy Session at H-L Therapy

H–L Therapy offers Specialised Therapy and Mental Health Counseling in metropolitan Adelaide and Gawler region, South Australia.   The term ‘Specialised Therapy’ on this site refers to pycho-social treatment for emotional issues and mental disorders. 

The therapy supports people in developing a wide range of therapeutic strategies and skills, assisting their emotional wellbeing and autonomy and supporting them to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. H-L Therapy employs skilled allied health practitioners who apply research-based strategies to help people develop more effective ways of thinking and behaving.

The term  “Mental Health Counseling’ refers to the purposeful application of professional knowledge and expertise to guide and support people with mental health and emotional challenges in one-to-one or in group situations.   Mental Health Counselling usually involves the discussion of specific types of mental illness and the ways of dealing with them.  It also encompasses self-knowledge personal growth, self-acceptance, and the development of interpersonal resources for a more fulfilling, satisfying life.

Therapy and Counselling are the principal modalities in clinical social work practice and in psychology. They are mostly concerned with social, emotional, financial, physical, developmental, and functional concerns

H-L Mental Health Counseling & Therapy Services in Adelaide South Australia

H-L Therapy services in Adelaide South Australia, often encompass mental health counselling and therapy modalities in our practice in a way that is client-centred, goal and outcome-focused, and strength-based.  Our services are conducted in a way that respects the client’s values, acknowledges personal strengths, abilities, and resources, and encourages capacity building and self-determination. They are informed by The Person-Centred Approach, Strength Perspective, Wellness Model and a wide range of therapy approach.

The Person-Centred Approach

The Person-Centred Approach to mental health counseling and therapy relies on the quality of the relationships and focuses on the clients’ experience of themselves and their conditions, where they are the experts of their situation, rather than the counselor being an expert and telling them what to do.

The Strengths Perspective

The Strengths Perspective has initially been developed as an alternative to a common problem-oriented approach that underpins many health care and community-based services. Instead of focusing on deficits, the Strengths Approach emphasizes the clients’ strengths, abilities, talents, and resources.

The Wellness Approach

The Wellness Approach strives for the state of optimal physical and mental health. It, therefore, encourages the clients to maintain a healthy diet, exercise, sufficient rest, enjoy a healthy, safe environment, meaningful social connections, and a satisfying lifestyle.

Any question about our services?

H-L Therapy  mental health counselling and therapy services in Adelaide, South Australia  aim to support you in:

  • Addressing your concerns
  • Working through feelings or inner conflicts
  • Addressing your distress
  • Developing goals to improve your situation
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Improving your confidence and wellbeing

H-L Therapist has a wide range of experience, providing a specialised assessment, therapy and counselling for:

  • Mental health issues (including anxiety and phobias, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Behavioural concerns and habits
  • Chronic Health Conditions, including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

We can also assist clients with various social and emotional difficulties, interpersonal skill development, developmental adjustment, and disability-related concerns.

We do this by a skilled application of integrated evidence-based psychological, therapeutic strategies which are discussed below.


Psycho-education refers to information sharing about mental health conditions. The purpose of psychoeducation is to assist people in learning self-management strategies to deal with their health conditions.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) 

This is a form of psychotherapy that aims to assist clients via the application of combined cognitive and behavioural principles and strategies. Examples of these strategies include cognitive and behavioral distractions from unhelpful thoughts and situations, Socratic Questioning, behavior modification tools, and gradual exposure techniques, typically used to assist clients in overcoming anxiety.  CBT strategies are also useful in emotional regulation and in the management of anxiety for persons diagnosed with ASD  Please also refer to our page which specifically discusses our CBT-informed programs.

Interpersonal therapy

This is a time-limited psychotherapy treatment that is based on the premise that there is a connection between the way individuals interact with others and their mental health. The therapy focuses on this interaction and modifying it in such a way to improve mental health outcomes.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a powerful psychological therapy that aims to promote a goal of living a full and meaningful life, The Act Therapy does this by teaching Mindfulness skills and instructing the clients to accept the things that are outside their individual control. The Act Therapy also encourages the clients to commit to actions that improve individual life and wellbeing,

Relaxation Strategies 

Please refer to Mindfulness and Relaxation Therapy for more information.

Applied Behavioural Therapy (ABA)

Applied Behavioural Therapy (ABA) is an evidence-based behavioral approach for working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA consists of a range of different strategies and techniques, such as role modeling and positive reinforcement that can be used to teach people with ASD new skills, including social skills, self-care skills, communication skills, play skills. It can also assist in the management of such behavior as inattention or aggression.

Skills Training 

H-L Therapy assists clients in developing and practicing skills in interpersonal communication, stress management, conflict resolution, confidence and resilience building, and so forth.

At H-L Therapy we understand that having active involvement and control of your treatment is important. This is why ‘we are doing it with you and not for you. We recognize you as an expert in your situation and are guided by what is important to you. We work alongside you, assisting in improving your confidence, capacity, and resilience. Work with you and your strengths, abilities, and talents, assisting you to utilize them in designing the lifestyle you really want. To see more details about our services provided in the Adelaide metropolitan and Gawler  areas of South Australia, please also refer to the section on therapeutic skill development 

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